Storage Lower Kingswood, Epsom and Surrounding areas.

We have realised that our customers need options when it comes to safe secure accessible storage:

Containerised/ box storage:

Option 1

  • You deliver your items to our depot
  • We bring a container to you for you to load
  • We then store your container in our depot.

Option 2

  • We pick up your items from your location
  • We deliver your items to the depot
  • we then fill a container and store your items.

To keep costs low, we store your items in the most modern and innovative way there is. Our unique methods utilise storage space to the full - meaning great cost-savings are passed directly onto our customers.

The depots are of course safe and secure, with 24/7 CCTV cameras, alarm monitoring systems and extensive fire safety systems.

It is always difficult to work out how much self storage space you will need. In our experience most customers can easily determine the amount of space they need based on the size of their property. The table below should provide you with a very good indication of the amount of space you are likely to need.

Number of bedrooms  Lightly furnished Heavily furnished
1 35 sq. ft. 70 sq. ft.
2 70 sq. ft. 105 sq. ft.
3 105 sq. ft. 140 sq. ft.
4 140 sq. ft. 175 sq. ft.
5 175 sq. ft. 210 sq. ft.

Of course, the guide above is simply a "good indication" of how much self storage space you may need, and your own individual requirement may vary.

If you need access , just call us 24 hours before - it's free of charge and made easy with our allocated loading bays.

Give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

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